Probst T.S.Z. uni Q

The Probst T.S.Z. uni Q is a mechanically-operated clamp which through the weight of the product the clamp blocks. Because there is no hydraulic connection required, the clamp to virtually any machine be confirmed by means of a chain or hook twist. This mechanical clamp is mainly used for kerbstones, stairs, entrance blocks, natural stone and concrete blocks


The Probst T.S.Z. uni Q by eg. a chain attached to the desired machine. The clamp is placed about the object. By the lift arm of the machine to lowwing select the clamp mechanism. If the arm goes up again the clamp closed. The kerbstone is than blocked. By this movement to repeat again will unlock the clamp.

Technical data:
Clamp width: 50-570mm
Clamp depth: 185 mm
Length rubber: 350 mm
Own weight: 29 kg
Lift capacity: 500 kg