Clinker clamp

With the clinker clamp, the paver brings large quantities of bricks exactly where he wants them. The paver can now use a machine to drive the stones without having to bend down or grab the stones by hand.

The hydraulic brick-clinker clamp is connected to the machine’s hydraulic system. The stone – clinker clamp is a hydraulic clamp that can clamp or move packages of 3, 4 or 5 stones wide by means of 2 extendable arms. By interchanging the clamp arms, which can be easily mounted and dismounted with pins, the feet can be exchanged allowing different stones to be processed. At a time, the clamp transports 60 – 100 stones depending on the size. There are numerous attachments for different types of stones.

There are numerous attachments and feet available, for various sizes and shapes of clinker.

Weight 108 kg
Lifting force 500 kg