Optimas Planmatic laser grader

A perfect, fully-automatic grader which can be adjusted to all conventional inclines.

The Optimas PlanMatic, a levelling screed available as an attachment for wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, telescopic loaders and tractors, represents a fully-automatic mobile system for the safe, quick and efficient levelling work.

  • PM 1.4 – Width 1,40 m (4,6 ft.)
    • Working range – 1.40 to 2.00 m (4,6 – 6,6 ft.)
    • Working range – 1.70 to 2.30 m (5,6 – 7,5 ft.) (with two extensions of 0.15 m (0,5 ft.))
    • Working range – 2.00 to 2.60 m (6,6 – 8,5 ft.) (with two extensions of 0.30 m (1,0 ft.))

Control System

  • Especially for Optimas PlanMatic dedicated software.
  • Only one operating unit – a joystick with a large display – shows the relevant information.
  • Very simple operation.
  • Up to 46 carrier machine settings can be saved.
  • Press-button operation to move the levelling blade in the 0-position.
  • The system automatically recognizes the laser receiver or the ultrasound sensor.
  • A Leica receiver and Leica ultrasonic sensors as standard – the system is also compatible with other components from major manufacturers.

With the Optimas PlanMatic, levelling is possible by moving backwards and forwards. Many users distribute the material roughly at height or in order to bring the material right into the corners by moving forward. The material is brought to the exact height by moving backwards. All system components (laser, transverse slope, ultrasonic) can be combined. The ultrasonic sensor automatically records the height of the ground, line or kerbstone edge. Fully-automatic side flaps reduce correction work. The levelling screed can be controlled both manually and fully-automatic.

Typically used in road construction, park and industry surfaces, the levelling of equestrian, sport and tennis surfaces and the levelling of factory floors.
Attachable to wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, telescopic loaders and tractors with a three-point attachment.

Your advantages:

  • Significant faster
  • Low manpower requirements (only 1 person)
  • Minimal reworking
  • Highly efficient by levelling by driving backward and forward!
  • Compact design – can also be used very well on narrow construction sites or indoor locations
  • Screeding also in the corners
  • Simple operation – short training times
  • Installation of all base layers – also gravel
  • No need to install screed rails
  • All system components (laser, transverse slope, ultrasonic) can be combined
  • The side flaps are hydraulically adjustable
  • Quick-change coupling for each carrier available (optional)
  • Quick assembly and disassembly (2 min.)
  • Ultrasonic sensor controls the opening and closing of the hydraulic side flaps automatically. No need for centimetre-precise driving along the line.
  • Hydraulic dump shovel attachable (optional)
  • 3D control available (optional)
  • Very low maintenance & logistic costs compared to other solutions