Probst hvz uni 2

The Probst HVZ uni 2 is the latest hydraulic laying clamp from Probst.The HVZ uni 2 has been further developed and the following advantages over its predecessor the HVZ uni.

High quality materials and an innovative design have made the HVZ-UNI-II lighter up to 220 kg.
The main clamping arm can be adjusted much more easily via a spindle with integrated spring assembly instead of the previous chain centering method.
Significantly increased clamping force for trouble-free movement of non dimensionally stable paving stones (3 times greater than with the HVZ-UNI).
New suspension – so the clamp hangs quieter and shorter on the machine.

With the Probst laying clamp it is possible to handle the most common delivered machine packages. Baked as well as concrete clinkers can be handled. Because the clamp comes standard with 4 hoses and the unique knife system on the beating edges, the clamp is very stable.

Using an adjustment key, the width of the side impact strips can be continuously adjusted to the machine packages.

Due to the 4 hose system, the clamp can always work at the optimal pressure.

Opening main clamp 580-1260 mm
Opening side clamps 960-1440 mm
Thicknesses: 50 – 160 mm
Suitable for all.