Weed brush

The weed brush is a hydraulically driven rotary brush. Using a cylinder, the brush can be used both on the right side outside the machine and on the left side.

Using a quick-change system, the brush is attached to the RELLY. It is operated by means of the additional auxiliary hydraulic functions that belong to the standard equipment of the Knikmops.

The steel cables of the weed brush can be replaced separately. With the help of bolts, the brush can be tilted, making it easy to sweep gutters, for example.

To make optimal use of the weed brush, we recommend building hand throttle on the Knikmops. This allows you to run the brush at optimum speed and determine the driving speed yourself.

Different brush plates are available on this weed brush.
Optionally, the brush head can also be hydraulically operated.

95 kg

Working width
600 mm