Paver-Clamp Multi6 M

There are so many different concrete pavestones available on the market, that it is no longer possible to keep track.

This raises the question, whether a single paver clamp is sufficient for the countless types of pavers & slabs with their different thicknesses and package sizes? Our clear answer: Yes! Whilst other manufacturers rely on providing up to five or more different models, we have designed one single clamp system to meet all your possible needs. Can infinitely be adjusted to all stone formats, stone layers and stone thicknesses in a few simple steps.

These are your advantages:

NEW 2020

  • A new desgin enables even more power when pressing and shifting the stones.
  • Paving stones can be placed right up to sidewalls.


  • Paver-Clamp can be connected to the Paver Laying machine or to any carrier device
  • Stone layers from 0.6 m² (6.5 ft²) to 1.5 m² (16 ft²) can be handled without problems
  • Clamps thin stones with 40 mm or thick stones with 240 mm, light stone layers with about 130 kg (280 lbs) or voluminous heavy duty stones with e.g. 550 kg (1.200 lbs) own weight
  • Uneven stone layers are picked up by the clamp in exactly the same way as smooth stone layers
  • Moves stones from cross bond into running bond by shifting every second row, even with stones who have a protection against disloction
  • Herringbone patterns with or without half stones can be handled without problems
  • Also clinker or clay bricks, which are stacked on pallets in a read-to-be-laid arrangement, can be clamped in a gentle way.

Easy handling

  • The operator can carry out the laying work without further assistance.
  • Swing-stop suspension – easy to handle even for inexperienced operators
  • With 3-K control, accidental opening of the Paver-Clamp with stones is impossible.

Intelligent technology

  • Also available for carrier with only one available hydraulic circuit.
  • Additionally available with SMART control 3 K (Patent Nr. 20 2018 103 859.1)
    Including rotator the operator can control 3 hydraulic functions separately
    with only 2 available hydraulic circuits.
  • Hydraulic Tap-down-device as a standard for a perfect joint pattern.

Individual options

  • Endlessly working hydraulic turning gear (Rotator)

Universal connection options

  • Easy mounting on all common construction machines (hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders …


  • Only 60 bar hydraulic pressure is required due to the intelligent 6-arm clamping technology. Means, safe clamping as well as very gentle to the stones.
    This results into a pavement with a perfect joint pattern –  this is the distinguishing feature, compared to all other grabs on the market.

Optimal expandability

  • A later mounting to an Optimas laying machine is possible without any problems.

The success and experience show: Many of the Optimas paving clamps have already laid several 100,000 m² (1.000.000 ft²) of pavers without any problems. Solid workmanship and the advantage of “Made in Germany” production.
It is worth comparing price and technology before making a purchase decision: Optimas definitely offers the best price/performance ratio!

Layer sizes: 0.6 m² (6 ft²) to 1.5 m² (16 ft²)
Stone thickness: 40 mm to 240 mm
Stone weight: up to 550 kg (1.212 lbs)
Dead weight: 185 kg (408 lbs) – depending on equipment the weight increases
Hydraulic pressure “for gripping”: 60 bar