De Schans BV has developed the original tile extractor especially for breaking out clinkers and tiles.
A variety of tileforks are available on the market, but the original tilefork of De Schans BV has a thick tube where the tilefork teeth are fixed in a conical bushing.
This construction ensures that the teeth are neatly aligned.
The teeth are a wearing part of this tilefork, where De Schans BV has the strongest/hardest available teeth in the market.

This tilefork is frequently used at the Relly, to full satisfaction.

The big advantage of this boom compared to a bucket is that almost no sand is scooped along with the clinkers and the boom gives little or no resistance when scooping under the clinker layer.

Also, with this tilefork you can easily scoop up loose poured clinkers from the sand and drive them in.

Relly 1.0 / 1.3

width 1.20 m length 1.0 m 13 teeth
Width 1.20 m Length 1.0 m 17 teeth
Width 1.36 m Length 1.0 m 15 tines

Width 1.20 m Length 1.0 m 13 teeth
width 1.20 m Length 1.0 m 17 teeth
Width 1.36 m Length 1.0 m 15 teeth

Relly 1.8

width 1.50 m length 1.0 m 16 teeth
width 1.80 m length 1.0 m 19 teeth