Pivotting Expandible Lift Mast

The Expandible Lift Mast is a multi-purpose attachment, it allows various attachments to hang at different distances from the Relly.

The extendable lifting mast can be used with for example load hook – grass tile clamp – Probst laying clamp – hydraulic tire clamp – various vacuum hoods (if equipped with an equalizer with 2 – chains).

All tools mentioned above can also be connected to the lift mast with a hydraulic rotator in order to rotate the tool hydraulically from the machine.

If you want to use the rotator, a suspension piece must be mounted.

By means of the locking pin the lift mast can be moved to the desired position.

Working length of the quick change plate:
Position 1 35 cm
Position 2 45 cm
Position 3 65 cm
Position 4 75 cm
Stand 5 85 cm