Vacuüm unit

Installing or removing curbs, breaking out or laying paving stones, machine paving, putting in driveway blocks, we believe that all these activities should be able to be carried out with the same machine. We therefore supply one vacuum system that can be used multifunctionally to perform all machine paving work. A system in which the various vacuum naps can be quickly and easily changed without complicated wrench work.

The basis of the vacuum systems supplied by De Schans B.V. consists of your own RELLY on which a high vacuum pump is placed. The vacuum unit consists of a vacuum pump driven by a gasoline or hydraulic engine. The vacuum pump is connected by means of a vacuum hose to one or more suction cups, which are attached to the object to be lifted. The vacuum unit consists of a vacuum pump which is driven by a gasoline, diesel or hydraulic engine. The vacuum unit comes with a capacity of 40m3 or 100m3. The vacuum unit vacuums the air by means of a vane pump. The advantage of the vane pump is that it has a fixed output, is reliable and quiet.

The gasoline-powered unit is driven by a Kawasaki engine, which uses a V-belt to drive the pump. This unit is started manually through a starting cord. By means of the pallet plug it is possible to mount the vacuum unit to a shovel or forklift truck.

Gasoline unit 40 m3/h weighs 120 kg.
Hydraulic unit 40 m3/h weighs 50 kg.
Hydraulic unit 100 m3/h weighs 75 kg.
All units are equipped with a Busch vane vacuum pump.