Flink Type KSS

The all-rounder. This spreader is developed to distribute types of bedding that are heavier and more
difficult to process such as horse manure or a mixture of chalk/water/straw. The bucket has a special
shape to make sure the bedding material will sink easily. The two separately powered metering rolls with
heavy duty hydraulic motors prevent clogging.
The spreader can process sawdust, crushed straw, chopped straw, dry compost, green bedding, horse manure, lime and a mixture of lime/water/straw (with the exception of the KSS 2000 up to 4500). See the table in the introduction for details.
For processing sawdust, ground straw, ground rapeseed straw, dry box compost, a mixture of sawdust / ground flax and lime, pure lime and straw pellets the optional adjustable bottom plate is required.


  • Discharges to the left and to the right
  • Hardox blade and wear strip
  • One double acting hydraulic function required
  • Metering rolls with heavy duty hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings and relief valve
  • Two big metering screws at the bottom of the bucket
  • Conveyor with sealed edges and scraper
  • Rubber covered drive- and second roller
  • Up from KSS 1800 standardly equipped with heavy duty three-layer PVC conveyor
  • HD models extra heavy duty drive and 510 mm wide conveyor belt
  • HD models standard equiped with electric speed control metering rolls with remote control
  • 2-layer powder coating


  • Removable adjustable bottom plate
  • Hydraulic speed control of conveyor on the left or on the right
  • Flow and pressure limiter (required when driving machine exceeds the hydraulic pressure and flow)