it was Van der Schans that helped design the well-known Knikmops shovel, which has been a hit with customers for the last decades. ‘We have a tremendous number of loyal customers – people who’ve been coming here for years and who count on our service and advice. What with this new era of zero emissions, StageV and new requirements imposed on work and storage facilities, we need new methods, which is why we began producing the Relly machines. The idea behind Knikmops shovels is solid to this very day, and we will absolutely keep selling and performing maintenance on these machines, but people like pavers, gardeners and those working in the infrastructure industry need a little more these days, and we’re offering them what they need. We reply to questions sooner and do a better job helping our clients figure out what they need. So then we produced what may just be the ‘sports car’ among machines, in which comparison the Relly serves as the Tesla. This will allow us to get ahead of the competition in the next few years, and to provide our clients with the best products, as well as the best service.’

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