Hydraulic clamp HBK 8-70

The HBK 8 – 70 is a hydraulically clamp which through a hydraulic cylinder to lift the object. The clamp is adjustable in four positions with clamp widths of 8.5 cm up to 69 cm and is often used in combination with the lift frame HMU 250, whether or not fitted with a hydraulic rotator.

The hydraulic clamp HBK 8-70 is connected to the hydraulic system of the machine. By means of a cylinder holds the HBK 8-70 the kerbstones. Damaging the kerbstones  is prevented at the top  through nylon rollers.

Technical data:
Range of the clam width in different positions.

Position 0: 8,5 cm – 29 cm
Position 1: 20 cm – 42 cm
Position 2: 32 cm – 55 cm
Position 3: 46 cm – 69 cm

Weight40 kg
Width 8,5 – 69 cm
Capacity 300 kg (incl. own weight.)(if equipped with a torque pen ø 20mm.)
The max pinch force 30.000 N (at 250 bar)